High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Key Points

What is Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is defined as the pressure of the blood inside the arteries. The contraction of the muscles of hearts produces BP. It is measured and recorded by two numbers.

One is known as systolic pressure and the other is the diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is measured right after the heart contracts. The diastolic is the opposite of the systolic and is measured before the heart contracts. There are devices available that are used for the measurement of BP.

When BP rise, it is known as hypertension. BP is a condition that is very common in older people. It is the force that is exerted by the blood against the arteries. The normal BP is below 120/80. The 120 is the systolic and 80 is diastolic.

One must be aware of all about this common disease as Every Family has a member especially old age who is suffering from Blood Pressure.

Stages of Blood Pressure

There are different stages of high blood pressure(BP) that are explained by the American Heart Association (AHA). There is stage 1 of hypertension in which the systolic pressure ranges from 130 and 139 while the diastolic ranges between 80 and 89. In stage 2, the systolic rate increases up to 180 and the diastolic above 120.

The elevated blood pressure makes the heart work harder. BP has negative impacts such as it damages the arteries. If the condition of high BP prolongs then it increases the risk of kidney diseases, heart diseases, and even heart attacks. It is seen that one in three persons in American is affected by high BP.

High blood pressure is seen widely in older people. Men are more vulnerable to high BP than women. By the age of 45, more men are affected by BP than women. Diabetic people are more affected by BP than non-diabetic ones. Approximately 60 % of diabetic people also suffer from hypertension.

This condition runs in the family. If your close family member has blood pressure then you’ll also catch it.


There are various symptoms of blood pressure. The symptoms of BP include fatigue, severe headaches, chest pain, difficulty breathing, blood in the urine, vision problems, pounding in ears, neck, or chest.


There are many causes that lead to high blood pressure. The exact cause is still unknown. The causes that increase the risk of BP are smoking, obesity, less physical activity, high intake of salt, too much consumption of alcohol, older ager, stress, genetics, sleep apnea, thyroid and adrenal disorders, chronic kidney disorders etc.

What are the possible treatment options?

If the blood pressure is due to diabetes, heart diseases, or kidney disease then it is recommended to use the blood pressure medications along with changes in lifestyle.

If a person is going through only high BP and not the victim of diabetes or heart diseases then changes in lifestyle will be enough to lower the BP to the normal level. You must be wondering how to manage BP at home? The changes in lifestyle such as losing weight, eating a healthy diet, increase in physical activity, lowering alcohol intake, and quitting smoking help greatly to overcome the problem of high blood pressure. Some of the natural ways to manage BP is to exercise, consume more water and cut off the salt from your diet.

I must recommend every Family to get a detailed awareness and knowledge about this disease so that the person victim of this can manage by his/her self. Otherwise, one member is empowered enough to treat the patients suffering from this common disease. Nowadays there is much information available on the internet and youtube channels. Thanks to YouTubers and bloggers for empowering the individuals while staying at home. Specially COVID-19 has changed this world in many aspects. The technological advances make it possible to survive and fight against the dangerous disease of CORONA.

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