All hidden Link Building & Blogger Outreach tricks in 2020

Let’s start digging out the Link Building & Blogger Outreach tricks in 2020. Today is the world of digitization and online presence is pretty much important in 2020 for your business. Especially due to the recent pandemic crises in covid_19 e-commerce and online set up is pretty much important to keep your business secure and increase the reach of your business as well.


Among the technological advancements and needs of the time, increasing online presence is the cost-optimized solution to reach globally in no minutes and absolutely you cannot do manually this. comes to online presence every next business wants to be on top of the search results and get a chance to win the first clicks on the Google rankings so as to get a maximum click and leads. So to improve the search engine rankings SEO experts are doing their all the best strategies to rank business on top positions. It is possible by performing SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO has two parts On-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is total about your website content analysis and its strategies for target keywords whereas off-page is all about our core topic link Building, blogger outreach, and backlinks.

Table of content

  1. What is link building?
  2. Blogger Outreach
  3. Effective Link Building
  4. The actual process of link building
  5. Cost-optimized backlinks
  6. Make your own backlinks
  7. Effective tools for backlinks
  8. How to evaluate a website for backlinks
  9. What are a quality and strong backlink

What is Link Building?

Link building is building backlinks for your website. Suppose website you have domain and you want a backlink on You have to outreach ask for a link if they accept then they will link back to your website and you get a link. This was generic. When you are going to build a link there are many types of links you may create. Let’s dig down the details and see how you can make backlinks.

How you can make backlinks

Below are the few basic ways to secure good backlinks with cost optimised way and give your backlink profile a solid weightage.

Social Bookmarking

You may harvest this type of websites but few of the most common I have here is the list of best websites

Image Submissions

The Most Popular Free Image Submission or Image Sharing Sites Include:

  • Facebook.
  • Pinterest.
  • Google+
  • Tumblr.
  • Flickr.
  • Instagram

For more information please visit Image submission sites

PDF Submissions

Visit this website for the list of those websites where you can submit pdfs and secure good backlinks

Testimonial links

This is a very power full strategy and you may secure good backlinks with testimonial links

Referral Links

Link exchanges and referral links are the those link which you have asked in your social circle and for link exchange and you may outreach in your niche by email any one if interested reply you back.

Profile Links

PDF submission platforms are mentioned please visit and build backlinks and give a try to this for natural linking profile.

High PR links

For high PR links you may have to strategize a high quality content and make a list of those websites which you want to target and then start working or ask your PR officer to outreach them and do some research on what important topics those website would like to accept and it is not a simple process like blogger outreach it takes a long time if you want it free otherwise like sponsored post you may ask a broker and third party person to help you and they will charge you for their services

Web2.o Links

As web2.0 is obsoleted but still these are also very strong backlinks. Few famous websites are word press, blogspot, tumbler and many more these platforms are more or less like a complete website need a regular content and full maintenance.

Above mentioned are the few platforms you may use to build backlinks. In blogger outreach mostly are sponsored posts but it is a wise choice to first secure free ones then use the paid ones to improve your ranking results.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is a very important part of link building and it helps you create powerful backlinks and that helps you to improve your business online presence in no time. Why would we pay for low-quality links and bad links? Especially these links are not worthwhile for your Rankings in Google. Such links are mostly paid and go under sponsored posts. But you have to be very careful while building links with blogger outreach. Coming back to the topic .

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach is basically the process of building backlinks by outreaching the bloggers of the websites and ask them to publish your content and put your anchor text and URL in that content giving you a do-follow link. The first question that comes in your mind is How to outreach bloggers? And what to ask them so they are happy to give a do-follow link and publish your content.

So as you know in this world you will never get a free lunch anywhere you have to pay for this. In the case of link building, you have to pay money or link exchange.

Effective Link Building

When it comes to measure and calculate you’re off page link building strategies in the end you have to evaluate the effectiveness then you definitely analyse how much effective links you build to achieve those ranking results or improve your online presence. For this you have to keep an eye on your Google analytics and Search Console metrics before building links. Simple is to make a sheet and note down the metrics and then start analysing after building a new backlink to see the results.

Although your Search Console is reflecting performance but that is overall performance if you want to measure every backlink performance you have to manually make a record.

Actual process of link building

When it comes to explore the actual process of link building its pretty much simple  you need to choose the type if you want social book marking make a list of that websites and start building links similarly if you need profile links then start harvesting on this type of websites make a list and start building your links. If you want sponsored post then you need to choose blogger outreach and start harvesting websites where you want to publish your content and need back link also you need to work on the anchor text and URL which you want to use in content. For Blogger Outreach simple outreach those website by email and start building backlinks.

Make you own cost optimised backlinks

Although online marketing is very much cheap as compared to manual marketing globally when it comes to sponsored post and blogger outreach it is a bit expensive and you have to be careful while outreaching for building backlinks. How to pitch when you are outreaching for link building, I walkthrough too many blogs. Few samples were even shared but my practical experience found it the best and easiest below are the points to keep in mind while sending the pitch I do not recommend any format just be natural and concise.

  1. Mention your name
  2. Your intent
  3. Your content idea if you are sure that fits for the website audience else its optional
  4. Do not use fancy glitter word just ask in simple short words about your proposal
  5. Choose a best subject

By keeping in mind the above things you will be successful in building backlinks. Trust me it’s a proven method and verified. Do not wait just start building links and do ask me in the comments if you have any problem or shoot me an email if you want me to build backlinks for you

  • Effective Tools for backlinks

Now after so much technical advancements is SEO there are many tools available in the market to speed up the links as manually it is totally impossible to build backlinks in bulk for the startups it’s pretty much hard to buy all tools but yes for those who really want to secure good backlinks must have to use below tools.

  • MOZ/Uber suggest

MOZ is a very efficient and good tool for link building and backlink analysis plus finding unique prospects. You may extract the sheet and target specified DA’s by advance filtering the sheet. There are many advance features in this tool you can explore them but for link building its very effective tool


For those who cannot buy MOZ tool can use this tool as replacement its not a complete replacement but yes quiet helpful and Neil Patel is improving this tool day by day.

Ubersuggest is a free tool for those who cannot afford to buy expensive tools and special Thanks to Neil Patel.

  • SEMrush/ahref

I like this tool when you are focusing especially on link building it provides you the kws by country details a good summary of traffic trends and a very good over view of the domain.


Similarly, ahref is a step pro tool than SEMrush you may choose one tool as both are not mandatory.

Ahref tool link building
  • Majestic

Majestic tool is pretty helpful in evaluating the quality of the link you are going to choose. It gives you the Trust flow and Citation Flow of a link. A bad link can be very dangerous for your SERP results. In this tool, you can clearly analyze backlinks and the quality of backlinks for a specified domain. For those who cannot buy this tool, I would suggest to please add an extension in their browsers. For understanding further, this tool visits their website and see how you can evaluate. It provides you all the topic flows of a domain.

  • Buzz stream

 If you are building links in bulk, this tool is a big big help for outreaching. This tool not only sends just email it take follow-ups as well. The great news is that it auto fetches website contact details automatically.

link building
  • How to evaluate a website for backlinks

As we have discussed how to build backlinks and how many types of backlinks are there and which tools help to make backlinks, What is backlink profile analysis, what are the best backlinks analysis tools, and how to make contextual backlinks? but it’s time to discuss what to look for a website when you are building a backlink. Suppose you pick a website First, check the DA and spam score. Avoid using high spam score websites you may check the DA in MOZ or any free tool. Now put this website in SEMrush Check the traffic score and domain overview. For those who cannot afford to SEMrush check the metrics in Ubersuggest by Neil.

Basic metrics of a website

Once you verified these metrics, let’s have a look at the Trust flow and citation flow of the website. As you know the ratio for TF/CF must be 0.5 to 1 not more than that. These are the basic vitals in terms of SEO for a specific website. If you found out all the vitals are healthy to get a backlink. Now it’s time to outreach the website,. You may outreach it with simple Gmail. if you are doing in bulk then buzz stream is the best tool. I like the most while sending emails in bulk.

  • What is a quality and strong backlink

We have discussed how to evaluate the backlink and analyse backlinks, now we will further explore what is a quality backlink? usually, people do consider High DA the strong backlink.No doubt, the higher the DA the higher would be other metrics. But that’s not all the case, few low DA websites also have classic metrics. Such websites considered to be the quality and strong backlinks. A quality backlink is a backlink that is relevant to your niche and not the DA.

Relevancy of a backlink

Relevancy matters a lot. If a lifestyle niche started outreaching tech websites for backlinks then it would be a big NO…… You are wasting your energy and time. If you are doing this then stop immediately. Always try to focus on relevancy that is pretty much important and then go for basic vitals of a domain. The third point is, what type of content ideas you have? as good content has very strong power and Google is primarily focused on unique and great content ideas. Hopefully, you are getting my points and picking up the points especially in link building.

How I Improve my search engine rankings

These are the points I do practically observed and use to improve my business online presence. I wanted to share with you simple points. If you still feel I can help you in building backlinks contact me. You may see a clear rise in Graph. It’s a 6-month difference and before that the situation is also the same in this way building natural profile backlinks. I am improving online presence in huge numbers.

link building

Keep in mind it’s just not one Blogger outreach. Make a good natural backlink profile. It would be a blend of all types of links making a good combination of Contextual links, Profile links, and other types of links and continuously analyse backlinks.

For further help and improving backlinks you may contact me by sending email.